Mon, 12 Jul 2004

Ms MacDonald, In your article, rebutting Ms. Ghandi's statements regarding milk, your points were very knowledgable regarding milks pros, but you mentioned none of its cons.

Nothing about the steroid usage of dairy farmers and its possible effect on society and the human body in regards to allergies, mucous, irregular development and even cancer in humans etc. Nothing of pasteurized milk vs raw milk (I wonder how many of those countries and mountain ranges that you wrote about in your article pasteurize and have horomones in their drinking milk and other dairy products they may consume?). It has been written, in an article "Why You Don't Want to Drink Pasteurized Milk" by Dr. Mercola that the pasteurization of milk makes the major part of calcium insoluble which frequently leads to rickets, bad teeth and nervous troubles, and that it also destroys 20 percent of the iodine present in raw milk, causing constipation and generallly takes from milk harmless and useful germs by subjecting it to the high temperature pasteurization process. I know of no pasteurizing of milk 10,000 years ago.

No matter what side of the fence we are on, we should always be in search of truth and for the best that we can offer each other through natural, untainted products, that of which this world and its creator hath provided.

I will close by stating that when my son who is now 21 month's old, was infected with a cold virus, I immediately removed cows milk, not his mothers milk from his diet. The result: With his mother's milk there was no thickening and build up of mucous-in fact he did not get a cold virus until we took him off at one year of age, but with cows milk, organic or not, there was build up and thickening of mucous thereby worsening his condition. Once the milk was removed, a very notable change for the positive occurred in his mucous, coughing and attitude and overall was night and day. We, the consumers know and understand very little about our own bodies and how certaing foods and live foods and liquids affect us and our immune system. If money, selling consumption, ignorance and the need for some in govt., farming and agriculture to follow without questioning or to keep silent were not in the equation in terms of product, and the health of a nation and its people were all that mattered, then I'd be happy to have faith in those who are affiliated with the dairy industry (This is not to say that all dairy associates are bad).

But for this, we must, for now, experiment individually to find what works best - milk or no milk.

Roc Roc