This lymphoma in the woman's left groin is shown at an advanced healing stage, no longer oozing pus and blood, as it had been doing for many months. A year previous this tumor had been huge and very ugly, with multiple heads, which were continuously discharging fetid pus and blood. The medical term for that diseased condition is pyemia

These photos were taken by me in early May 2003, on Palm Sunday in Hartford, Connecticut.

At that time, I predicted that by the end of summer, in another four months, this tumor would be completely healed due to the Macrobiotic diet she was on under my supervision. The tumor had been contracting steadily for months; and at that rate of progress, it would soon disappear completely and the skin would heal over nicely like it had never been there.

However, a problem developed due to her continuing to make very strong salty Hatcho Miso Soup each day, which I had recommended only to be used for a short period to accelerate the contraction of her tumor. The strong miso soup had apparently tightened her body somewhat, making her face and neck appear rather thin and contracted. The problem of excess (Yang) contraction was not serious, however. Her weight had come down to 138 lbs. at lowest. She told me that her optimum weight is 135, at 5'4". She was not at all emaciated, although her visage may have been quite drawn. I was in e-mail and telephone contact with her daily, from my residence 55 miles away, encouraging her to endure the daily pain of her body’s natural healing process, as she was undergoing the physiological natural healing process of throwing off the bad blood and pus that had accumulated in her from years of fatty diet, namely Southern fried chicken in peanut oil. “No pain, no gain.”

All that was needed was to discontinue the use of Hacho Miso, and switch to Mugi Miso, as I had previously instructed her. By taking a teaspoon of toasted sesame oil once or twice a day—which I would have recommended if I had seen her condition--in two days her face and neck would be filled out to normal.

Instead, her physicians decided she was underweight and that she needed radiation treatment to shrink the tumor faster. She was hospitalized and administered feminine hormones to make her gain weight, which went up to 180 .lbs.

The radiation treatment caused a huge hole to appear in her groin where the tumor was. This gaping hole then had to be filled in with plastic surgery, taking flesh from another part of her body.

Subsequently she passed PETSCAN tests twice, showing no trace of cancer in her body.

Her oncologist claims the victory. "He is ecstatic!" she has informed me. "And when I told him I have been following a Macrobiotic diet for two years, he turns a deaf ear. He doesn't want to hear it."

This is a typical instance of the conflict in American society between conventional medicine, centered as it is on drugs and surgery, and holistic Macrobiotic medicine, centered on correcting the diet and lifestyle, including clothing of all natural materials.. This woman did not need either radiation treatment or hormone treatment. In fact, both treatments proved to be undeniably harmful. The radiation killed millions of healthy cells, causing a big hole which then required plastic surgery to fill it in. The hormone treatment made her needlessly obese and set back her overall health condition, which she is still struggling with, to bring her weight down 40 lbs once again to normal.

If conventional cancer treatment had not been foisted on this woman, this case of natural healing by Macrobiotics would not have been spoiled. I had planned to write up this illustrative case of Macrobiotic Cancer Healing for the New England Journal of Medicine. That's why I made the special trip to record her shrinking tumor with my digital camera, because her primary physician had failed to do so in spite of my repeated requests.

His reasoning was the PETSCAN results would be sufficient medical evidence of her natural healing from following the Macrobiotic way. However, the successful PETSCAN results are voided when conventional treatment of any kind--surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation--has been added to the Macrobiotic dietary and lifestyle natural healing method.

Thus this case has been medically vitiated from serving as a wonderful inspiration for untold numbers of cancer sufferers, to let them know there is a non-violent method of cancer healing which does not needlessly kill millions of healthy cells, disfiguring the body; and does not cause obesity or any other medical complications.

If this woman could have kept her medical treatment confined to the Macrobiotic holistic approach to natural healing, utilizing only corrected diet, clothing, and all natural lifestyle, she could have become an exemplary case of Macrobiotic natural healing and been written up in newspapers, magazines, and appeared on TV talk-shows and had a full-time vocation as a public speaker in behalf of Macrobiotic natural healing.

Conventional medicine initially gave this woman two to four months to live if she did not undergo conventional cancer treatment. Her doctors told her she could live up to six months longer if she did submit to surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation treatments.

She knew relatives who had submitted to the standard cancer treatments and died shortly thereafter. Therefore she decided to resist the invitations of her physicians and chose the Macrobiotic way of natural healing. But being a public welfare recipient, she was not free to refuse entirely the conventional medical treatments that were imposed on her. Nevertheless, her own dietary self-discipline over a two-year span in following my holistic guidance, has issued in PETSCAN tests twice showing her to be entirely cancer-free.

Harold Kulungian