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New Holistic Medical Paradigm
From Sagen Ishizuka (1897)

by Harold Kulungian

Announcing a very long overdue Medical Breakthrough from the founder of "Macrobiotics" in Japan, Dr. Sagen Ishizuka (1850-1910), a Western-trained MD in the Japanese Army. The movement he founded in 1909 was originally called Shoku-Yo, "Food Cure", before George Ohsawa (1893-1966) changed the designation to "Macrobiotics."

Here from Ronald E. Kotzsch, PhD (Harvard, 1981), are 3 paragraphs exposing Ishizuka's central discoveries, MACROBIOTICS YESTERDAY AND TODAY (Japan Publications, NY, 1985), chapter 2: "Sagen Ishizuka: the Founder of Modern Macrobiotics", p.29:

"Ishizuka's theory is based on several simple concepts. First, he maintains that human health and longevity are dependent on a proper balance in the body between the salts of sodium and potassium. While western nutrition (then as now) was emphasizing protein and carbohydrates, Ishizuka maintains that MINERALS, especially sodium and potassium, are most crucial. The ratio between them determines the body's ability to absorb and utilize the other nutrients. The healthy functioning of the entire human organism depends on their being in proper balance.

A second principle is that food is the most important factor in determining this critical balance. Other factors, such as geography and climate and the amount of physical activity play a role as well. Living by the sea or in the mountains, in a dry or moist climate, being sedentary or hard working all have an effect. But it is what a person ingests through the mouth that is the main determinant of the Na/K ratio in the body.

Hence, thirdly, human health and sickness depend on diet above all. The basis for physical well-being is daily food that provides a proper balance of minerals. Such a diet will give one a long life, free from disease On the other hand, all sickness begins with an imbalance of Na/K caused by poor diet. Both contagious and degenerative diseases, Ishizuka asserted, originate in food. Bacteria and viruses afflict only those who are weak and susceptible because of their Na/K imbalance. A truly healthy person, even coming into contact with such pathogens, will not become sick. Thus allopathic medicine, seeking only to destroy disease-causing micro-organisms, rather than strengthening the person against them, is based on a total misconception."

"A total misconception": that is the Western approach of making war on viruses, which can never succeed. That is also the literal Chemical Warfare against the human body in cancer, which only shortens human lives.

Ishizuka's magnum opus was published in Japanese in 1897: "A Chemical Nutritional Theory of Long Life." It has never been translated into Western languages; so Western medicine has no access to the ten years of scientific experiments that Ishizuka conducted, in his own body as well as in his laboratory.

It can safely be predicted--on the basis of my 28 years of intense involvement with Macrobiotic natural healing, based on Ishizuka's discoveries--that the translation of his opus will enable Western medicine to undercut and overcome the simplistic germ theory of disease by Louis Pasteur.

Indeed, the late Rene Dubois (1901-82), who wrote a standard biography, LOUIS PASTEUR: FREELANCE OF SCIENCE (1949, 1976), declared: "The germ theory of disease has been the greatest impediment to medical progress for a hundred years."

I shall be submitting a series of grant applications to NCCAM, under the sponsorship of Dr H. Robert Silverstein's Preventive Medicine Center in Hartford, designed to implement and demonstrate the natural healing of both what we call infectious and degenerative diseases. This will be done by exactly the same simple commonsense dietary and lifestyle corrections for both types of diseases, undercutting the specious difference between them.

Especially am I eager to demonstrate that AIDS can be cured by the creation of natural immunity to HIV--and to every sort of microorganism--by practicing a diet and lifestyle that gives the same internal hygiene that those 25 prostitutes found in Nairobi, Kenya, have. See TIME MAGAZINE, Dec. 6, 1993. Though they have sex every day with HIV-infected men, these women all test HIV-negative after many years of exposure to HIV.

How have they achieved their invulnerability to infection? The Western medical researchers who have tested them remain completely baffled by the natural immunity that is the inherent result of a macrobiotic diet and lifestyle, which is what these women have, living on "a skimpy diet of cornmeal mash", as the article states. Yet that diet was the everyday traditional diet of both North and South America for thousands of years before the arrival of the white man. It is still the most cleansing diet there is, as I know from experience, having grown Indian maize, and roasted and ground it in a hand grain mill.

So here again, once more, we have an example of what Oriental philosophical medicine calls a "Reversal of the Tao": The most ancient and primitive and utterly simple diet, cooked in iron pots, has a natural healing power to cure so-called "incurable" diseases--which none of the Wonder Drugs can do anything but worsen.

George Ohsawa, in ZEN MACROBIOTICS (1960, 65), invites his readers to discover within themselves the natural immunity that is everyone's birthright if you are willing to practice some dietary self-discipline:

"Give up everything [in the way of food and drink] that is not absolutely necessary to your life for at least a week or two. You will catch a glimpse of freedom, happiness, and justice. You may soon understand why Macrobiotic persons are completely immunized from disease. The decision is yours." (p.57)

Harold Kulungian
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