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Diagnosis and Cure of AIDS
by Harold Kulungian

Moreover, excessive moisture in one's body causes stagnation of the intestines, preventing the efficient metabolism of one's food. And thus a progressive loss of weight ensues. The individual's body temperature is lowered from the excess moisture, further preventing efficient digestion of his food.

In this photo, the young man is clearly feeling cold, as his clothing testifies, although living in a hot climate, only ten degrees from the equator. He is wearing a knit winter pullover hat--but it is not wool. It is polyester, made out of 100% non-absorbent petroleum. Likewise, his shirt and sweater are made of synthetic petroleum-based non-absorbent materials. Thus his synthetic clothing cannot keep him warm, because it cannot absorb his excess body moisture.

His unhealthy phlegmatic symptoms are shown in his much swollen lips and hugely enlarged nose, with no nostril-lines visible. This wedge-shaped widely expanded nose will be seen in AIDS patients generally, as any number of photos in the media well attest.

His eyes show what is called in Oriental medicine as "sanpaku". This Japanese word--now in the Oxford English Dictionary due to my initiative twenty-five years ago--means literally "three whites". The whites of his eyes are showing not only on both sides of the iris, but underneath as well. This is a clear sign of an excessively Yin (internally expanded) condition.

This case is also a clear example of the dialectical interdependency of the forces of expansion (Yin) and contraction (Yang). To the extent that one's inner condition becomes expanded by the retention of too much fluid, due to wearing non-absorbent clothing and footwear, one's external condition will become thin and contracted, (Yang) due to the inability to digest and assimilate one's food effectively.

In terms of Yin/Yang Oriental philosophy, the succinct Macrobiotic diagnosis of this young man's condition would be: "Constricted by excess Yin." This means his external condition is constricted, thin, because his digestive tract is overloaded with moisture, inhibiting his digestion. That moisture has no nutritive value and cannot sustain his body weight. Thus he is wasting away.

Conventional medicine ascribes the wasting away to the presence of a virus. I disagree. If this young man had adequate natural clothing and proper nutrition, he need not waste away even with the virus in him. Moreover, the virus can be de-activated and rendered dormant simply by practicing internal hygiene through a healthy lifestyle based on natural clothing and natural food.

Many such cases have been recorded of individuals who had been exposed to HIV, yet tested HIV-negative. They test HIV-negative when they are practicing a healthy way of life that has not made them into a host favorable to the proliferation of the virus.

The best way to prevent or to cure AIDS is still the most ancient commonsense: Do not practice a self-polluting lifestyle. If your stools have no foul odor and are buoyant, and your tongue is clean and smooth as velvet, then you have the internal hygiene that constitutes a natural immunity to AIDS.

This man does not need the drugs that he is being counseled to take. Those drugs do not address the root causes of AIDS. On the contrary, those drugs attack only the symptoms, which are the effects, not the causes, of the disease. The effective holistic approach to AIDS--or to any other disease--is to correct the way of life that has produced the disease. In this case, the unnatural lifestyle based on synthetic materials has produced the phlegmatic watery condition we witness in this photo. This poor man is an innocent victim, along with millions of others in Africa and other parts of the world, of the synthetic junk clothes that the West has dumped on his country, much of it given free in the name of “philanthropy”.

This man's unhealthy condition could be quickly remedied, putting him back on the highroad to optimum health, simply by supplying him with natural clothing made out of vegetable and animal fibers: cotton, linen, wool, or silk. In fact, this could be an extremely simple and straightforward medical experiment to test the effectiveness of natural clothing in curing so-called "incurable" disease.

Our "humanitarian" Western civilization--which destroyed the natural clothing industry in Africa by dumping on the innocent Africans cheap junk clothing made of petroleum—could now atone by supplying those innocent victims with healthy natural clothing instead of expensive and harmful drugs, which do nothing to address the root causes of AIDS.

Western AIDS researchers remain oblivious of the fundamental physiological conditions that are the basis of health and disease, because they are not focused on these essential factors, but only on “attacking” the virus which could do no harm if those unhealthy conditions were noticed and corrected.

Not until commonsense holistic medicine regains the recognition it held for over two thousand years, and medical schools once again teach their students what to look for in the lives of diseased people, will there be hope for what commonsense can do, and for what drugs cannot do.

Harold Kulungian

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