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Open Letter To Ashoka And To Bill Gates
Re: Solving AIDS In Africa

by Harold Kulungian


Now I turn to the prostitutes in Nairobi, Kenya, who have achieved a natural immunity to AIDS--which is actually everyone's birthright. And not only to AIDS, but to all infectious diseases, and to all degenerative diseases also.

These prostitutes, who have sex every day with AIDS-infected men and yet remain HIV-negative, with no trace of the virus in their body, were cited last week in the news report of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation giving 100 million dollars for drug research to find a vaccine to cure AIDS in Africa.

So the inevitable question is: What have the Western medical researchers learned about AIDS, i.e., how AIDS can be prevented and/or cured, from the discovery of these peasant women who apparently have a natural immunity to AIDS?

Since these African women are not taking drugs of any kind--being far too poor to afford drugs, to their great good fortune--what basis do the medical researchers have for supposing any kind of Western concocted drug can do what these virtually illiterate women have achieved?

I am reminded of a favorite passage in the New Testament, from the Apostle Paul's First Letter to the Corinthians. There, in the opening chapter, he notes that the new healthy way of life which has been adopted by the people to whom he is writing, can achieve what the most learned doctors and scientists of the old pagan way of life--now discredited as unhealthy--was totally unable to accomplish.

I cite the relevant passage, because it has been a great inspiration to me, and can be similarly to anyone who discovers the healthy way to internal cleanliness via Macrobiotic natural foods diet, natural clothing and lifestyle:

"'I will destroy the wisdom of the wise, and bring to nothing the learnedness of the learned.'" Paul is citing the Old Testament: ISAIAH 29:14. Then he issues a challenge to the decadent and dying unhealthy pagan culture, in which I have only to transpose a few words to make his challenge perfectly applicable to the challenge to western medicine posed by Macrobiotic natural healing today:

"Where are your medical scientists now, your men of learning, able to discover the causes and cures for cancer, AIDS, and a host of other 'incurable' diseases, limited, all of them to this passing age? MACROBIOTICS HAS MADE THE WISDOM OF THIS WORLD LOOK FOOLISH, by these poor, illiterate peasant women who know how to live with internal hygiene, which makes them invulnerable to the deadly AIDS virus...Yet, to shame the learned medical researchers, God has chosen what the world counts as ignorance--these uneducated peasant prostitutes. He has chosen people low and contemptible, mere nobodies, TO OVERTHROW THE EXISTING ORDER OF SCIENTIFIC MEDICINE." (I CORINTHIANS 1: 19-20, 27-28, The New English Bible, Oxford, 1961).

There's a powerful message there about the decline of civilization and the birth of a new healthy way of life, an illustration of what known in Oriental philosophy as "The reversal of the Tao."

I happen to be quite familiar with the story of the Nairobi prostitutes. I clipped it from TIME magazine, December 6, 1993, p.67, because I recognized it instantly as a splendid example of what we call "Natural Immunity through Macrobiotics." The news report is under "SCIENCE", and is entitled "CURSED, YET BLESSED. Exposed repeatedly to the AIDS virus, a group of Kenyan prostitutes appears invulnerable to the disease."

A photo shows a hefty black woman seated on a low wooden bench, surrounded by 5 cast iron Dutch oven pots, grinding her daily corn. The caption under the photo reads: "Researchers are struggling to figure out why Munyiva remains untouched by the epidemic."

That's the big mystery? Then why didn't the medical researchers test her saliva and stools, to see what bacteria content she has? Why didn't they look at her tongue and notice it is clean and smooth as velvet, unlike the heavily-coated tongues with furry mucus so common in the West? Why didn't the researchers examine her stools, for buoyancy on water, for color and shape and smell? In other words, why did the Western scientists totally fail to see any relationship between this woman's diet and her resistance to infection?

The Western journalist who wrote the news report displays the typical arrogance of the "developed" nations by the way he characterizes the supremely healthy prostitute's diet. He refers to it as "a skimpy diet of corn mash."

But the woman is anything but "skimpy," as indeed corn fed people or animals are eating the most fattening staple food there is. Yet, the haughty prejudice of the Western journalists and researchers blinds them completely from learning anything of value from a group of women who are enjoying vastly more vigorous health than themselves.

The report states: "The Nairobi prostitutes, so frequently exposed to the virus for so many years, provide the strongest evidence yet that people can have a natural immunity to AIDS. IF THE CAUSE OF THAT PROTECTION CAN BE IDENTIFIED, IT COULD SPUR EFFORTS TO DEVELOP A VACCINE."

That last sentence, which I've emphasized, is what is known in logic as a NON-SEQUITUR, an absurd fallacy.

The "cause" was right there under their noses, in the women's diet and internal hygiene, which prevents them from being a host for harmful micro-organisms. But in their addiction and infatuation with drugs, the Western researchers cannot see anything else. It is an illuminating case of what Arthur Koestler, in THE ACT OF CREATION (1964) calls the "snowblindness" of scientists. All they can see, everywhere they look, is the glare of their private infatuation: drugs.

They see only what they want to see. And Western researchers, handsomely subsidized by the pharmaceutical industry, are not apt to be able to see anything but what they are intent on concocting.

The news report concludes:"There are many precedents for studying people with natural immunity in order to devise vaccines."

But why not study how they achieved natural immunity? Isn't that the most obvious question begging to be answered? And yet the researchers ignorantly embrace their own ignorance about how natural immunity is achieved. They accept it without question. They believe they can leapfrog over that question and arrive at a successful vaccine. Could anything be more preposterous?

The point is: Those Nairobi prostitutes have put to shame modern Western "scientific" medicine--and the researchers don't even know they have totally failed to take cognizance of the obvious evidence they dismissed as "a skimpy diet of corn mash."

The native peoples of North and South America lived on that same diet of roasted and ground cornmeal for thousands of years before the white man arrived. I have grown Indian maize. I cook it the traditional way, also in iron pots; and in my mid60s I can run up mountains on corn and beans and squash, the "3 sisters", as it was called, which is the most cleansing food in the world.

So then I must conclude: the 100 million dollars given by Bill and Melinda Gates for drug research will be a counterproductive solution, calculated only to make Third World peasants drug-dependent on the Western pharmaceutical industry. It inflates the coffers of the already rich, and uses the poor as guinea-pigs for drug research.

In any case, health cannot be imposed on human beings by drugs or any other form of violence, including surgery and other hi-tech interventions. Bona fide health can be achieved only by returning to a natural way of life, based on natural food, natural clothing and footwear, and natural materials in our immediate surroundings--without which we cannot discharge our body wastes and excess moisture through our skin into non-absorbent synthetic materials.

Instead of 100 million dollars thrown away, to pump up the American drug-concoction industry, a few thousand dollars would support the clinical trials that demonstrate how AIDS and every other so-called "incurable" disease can actually be healed the natural way, without drugs, simply by correcting the mistakes in living that produce these diseases.

I stand fully prepared to conduct those clinical trials, and record the dramatic healing process on videotape, by showing how the diet, clothing and way of life was corrected in order to facilitate the VIS MEDICATRIX NATURA, the inherent healing force of nature, as it was understood by Western classical Hippocratic medicine for over 2,000 years.

"MORBUS EST VITA PRAETER NATURAM" is an ancient Hippocratic maxim whose truth needs desperately to be rediscovered. "Disease is from living beyond the natural way."

The prostitutes of Africa have a lot to teach Western medicine--which they have put to shame, if only the researchers knew it--about the superior healthiness of the natural way of life, which gives freedom from the fear of disease, and makes the harmful use of drugs totally unnecessary.


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